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Great service

Mo, 13 Jun 2019

Great service

Mo, 13 Jun 2019


Mo, 13 Jun 2019


Mo, 13 Jun 2019

Thanks.just wondering why do we ask for other instructions if you are not willing to read them.i asked for spicy chicken and my chicken was mild.jerk sandwich pita was rock time please don’t spoil my food.Hussein is a man of quality make sure you maintain that quality.many cowboys doing chicken don’t be one of them.

Abdulazim, 09 Jun 2019

I would recommend added options to choose sauces for chips

Mohammed, 08 Jun 2019


Abdiquadir, 02 Jun 2019

Excellent online service

Nureen, 24 May 2019

Excellent service

Sidra, 23 May 2019

Very good i order same every week quality is always at its best

Danielle, 19 May 2019

Zuber the best

Summaiya, 18 May 2019

Ordered food before was great amazing service

Yashin, 14 May 2019

Food was lovely. Order wasn't ready on time the tracker needs to be more realistic so we are not left waiting in the shop for another 15/20 mins

Ahmed, 12 May 2019


Zayd, 12 May 2019

Usually order online, but have to wait at the shop longer than the time given.

Jay, 09 May 2019


Danielle, 09 May 2019

Good service and good value for money

Moamado, 04 May 2019

Quick delivery please

Sumz, 02 May 2019

delivery man asked for cash even though the payment was paid online, and made a big fuss about it. not happy at all.

Tahir, 29 Apr 2019

amazing food! warm and on time

Shireen Patel, 28 Apr 2019

Loved the food and the quality was very nice. The service speed was very quick as well.

Ash, 21 Apr 2019

Good value for quality of the food

Moamado, 19 Apr 2019

Good value for quality of food

Moamado, 19 Apr 2019

Very good and is worth it

Aleeza, 19 Apr 2019

Service is very slow.

Nazima, 18 Apr 2019

No comment

Sahima, 15 Apr 2019