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Always been beautiful food and great service

Elishar, 10 Jun 2021

Excellent food always

Suhail, 16 May 2021

Excellent food. Very delicious chicken. Very well cooked. Packed well. Shop was very busy but that shows how popular your quality is. Will be back.

Hafiz Mughal, 01 May 2021


Parth, 29 Apr 2021

Loved it, even my dad who doesn’t eat burgers ate this one and didn’t complain.

Muhammed Yunus, 24 Apr 2021


Talha, 24 Apr 2021

Delicious food

Farzana, 09 Apr 2021

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahamtullah Further to my feedback yesterday, please consider using these biodegradeable burger boxes for your burgers instead of the polystyrene ones: ugarcane-biodegradable-burger-box .html Polystyrene is so harmful to the animals and creatures of our land and Allah gives great emphasis in the quraan about not harming others or animals. If you offer people to pay slightly higher price for more eco-friendly packaging I am sure muslims would be happy to pay this due to the harms of the plastic when they purchase a burger in a polystyrene or plastic packaging. Please do consider this or other alternative eco-friendly packaging that avoids plastic and polystyrene. JAzakAllah khair

Lina Fazlanie, 04 Apr 2021

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I absolutely love your food and want to support my fellow muslim businesses but unfortunately it really saddens me to see the polystyrene packaging that you use to package your food and the plastic waste. This is harming our land, and Earth, ultimately littering our streets, killing ocean animals and polystrene and most plastics are next to impossible to decompose, and not recyclable. I was wondering if, with the intention of caring for Allah's land and being held accountable for the care of animals and the Earth, you could kindly refrain from using polystyrene and plastic, and consider using more decomposable, easily recycled packaging. Here is a resource for you to see the impact all these materials are having on the earth: ms-and-videos-about-plastic-pollu tion-plastic-free-living/ and I would really really advocate that as muslims, we need to ensure our business is ethical and in keeping with the teaching of islam and I am sure your amazing take away business would have more barakah and blessing from Allah if you could impliment ways to be more eco friendly inshaAllah. I am more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail. I am currently banning myself from eating at your take away as I cannot allow myself to contribute to polystyrene waste but I can't wait for the day when I can come and eat one of your burgers....would I be allowed to bring my own box for my food to be packaged in so that I do not need to partake in plastic or polystyrene use please? I look forward to your reply. JazakAllah khair

Lina Fazlanie, 03 Apr 2021

On point

Zeshan, 09 Mar 2021

Easy to order

Vicki, 05 Mar 2021


Suhail, 19 Feb 2021


Asif, 19 Feb 2021

Food it good but overpriced

Mohsin, 19 Feb 2021

Cooked to perfection.

Zeshan, 15 Feb 2021

Excellent food and service

Abdul, 09 Feb 2021

Excellent food and service

Abdul, 09 Feb 2021

Very Nice food.

Narinder, 06 Feb 2021

The quality of the food is excellent and always taste fresh. Keep up the good work.

Yasin, 02 Jan 2021


Harshad, 27 Dec 2020

I feel the prices are a little high and could be reduced to something more reasonable.

Yasin, 25 Dec 2020


Abdul, 24 Dec 2020

Super Duper

Zakir, 13 Dec 2020

Lovely food

Safiya, 14 Nov 2020


Azraa, 07 Nov 2020

Food was so delicious but bit expensive

Mohamed, 25 Oct 2020